Garlic Tunnel Tubes

Use THE GIANT DESTROYER Garlic Tunnel Tubes to safely REPEL Moles and Gophers from your yard and garden. Each tube consists of highly concentrated Garlic Oil and is for use in yards, gardens and lawn areas.

Product Details:

  • Mole and Gopher Repellent
  • For use in yards, gardens and lawn areas
  • Time Release Delivery System
  • Contains 10 Tubes
  • Biodegradable
  • .021oz per Tube. .21oz Total

Mole Tunnel Tube

THE Super Gasser

Use THE GIANT DESTROYER Super Gassers to KILL Moles, Gophers Ground Squirrels, Woodchucks and Skunks. Each tube is 1.75oz in size and contains powerful “S” formula. The original Gasser, made in the USA since 1969.

Product Details:

  • Quickly Kills Moles, Gophers, Ground Squirrels, Woodchucks, Norway Rats, and Skunks.
  • Contains 4 Super Gassers
  • THE Effective Gas Killer
  • Powerful “S” Formula
  • Trusted Brand Since 1969
  • 1.75oz per Gasser 7oz total
  • Made in the USA

Solar Spike

Use THE GIANT DESTROYER Sonic Spike Repeller to repel moles and gophers. New, slender design allows easier installation. Aluminum shaft provides enhanced sound and vibration. Treats up to 7500 square feet.

Product Details:

  • New Technology
  • Slender Design for Easier Ground Installation
  • Aluminum Shaft for Enhanced Sound and Vibration
  • Low Profile Mow Over Design
  • Treats up to 7500 Square Feet

Garlic Repellent Clips

Use The Giant Destroyer Garlic Repellent Clips to safely and effectively repel deer and rabbits. Clips contain highly concentrated Garlic Oil. Can be used on ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

Product Details:

  • Weatherproof, will not wash off
  • Time release delivery system
  • Can be used on fruits and vegetables
  • Safe and effective
  • Contains 12 clips

Garlic Repellent Clips

Peppermint Rodent Clips

Use The Giant Destroyer Peppermint Rodent Clips to safely and effectively repel mice. Clips contain highly concentrated Peppermint Oil. Ideal for Autos, campers, boats closets garages and other enclosed spaces.

Product Details:

  • Easy to use
  • Can be clipped or placed
  • No mess, slow release delivery system
  • Safe and effective
  • Contains 10 clips


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